adidas Predator LZ TRX FG Boots - Blue-White-Infrared

adidas Predator LZ TRX FG Boots - Blue-White-Infrared

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Comes with original box no bootbag.


The Predator LZ is Adidas’ latest model in the very popular Predator series. The LZ strays well away from what the Predator has stood for, for so many years, and goes in a direction that some are a big fan of, while others may not be as impressed.  


What makes the LZ so different from all of the past Predators is that is the first ever model to not be released with a natural leather upper as an option. The LZ is 100% synthetic, which has definitely turned off a lot of long-time Pred wearers. The choice to go with only synthetic may seem strange to some, but if you look at the actual design of the shoe, the whole concept of have “Lethal Zones” all over the shoe could not happen with a natural leather upper.


The synthetic leather upper itself is pretty soft, especially for a synthetic, and is more comparable to something like a Kanga-Lite type of synthetic from Nike, rather than the very thin synthetics used on the adizero. There is no stitching on the upper either, so the LZ synthetic is not like past version of the synthetic Predators either.
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"These boots have undergone a thorough inspection of quality, functionality and condition to determine the level of condition required to meet our strict standards. They have also been checked to ensure authenticity and are 100% genuine.

We are a reseller, not a manufacturer and therefore unable to hold responsibility for the performance, durability or longevity of the boots.
We recommend checking reviews of all boots and the surfaces they can be used on prior to purchase as we are unable to give refunds once used."

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