Predator Accelerator "Electricity" REMAKE 2018 UK 9 FG

Predator Accelerator "Electricity" REMAKE 2018 UK 9 FG

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Comes with original bootbag and box.


As if it's not difficult enough in life to save money adidas keep coming out with beautiful reissued Predator boots that, if from a certain generation, you feel legally obliged to purchase. This is the Predator Accelerator "Electricity", and this is exactly how you bring back a classic. Perfection.


Returning from the archive with real K-leather and original Accelerator tooling, including rubber shooting fins, the 2018 edition arrives to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Predator Accelerator, and it's so damn delicious that adidas should be able to charge an admission fee just to look at it.In 2014 adidas celebrated 20 years of the adidas Predator by releasing the Revenge Pack, which included a Predator Accelerator remake.


But, it just wasn't right. The sentiment was nice, but it was a synthetic design, the red colour was off and all it did was whet the appetite for a better reissue. That's now arrived. In glorious style, too. Just look at it, it's essentially the original 1998 Accelerator sat on a streamlined, lightweight soleplate and if it was acceptable to wear these, and these only in the office all day then strip us off 'cos we're ready. Not only is it match fit and ready to go, the Three Stripes have also thrown in a double dollop of Zizou and Becks just to reassure us all that everything is legit.


Before we all think about stocking up for the rest of our footballing career, there is a catch, and you knew that this was coming. They will drop under the adidas Limited Collection. Yep, frustratingly the Predator Accelerator "Electricity" and the Tango Ultraboost street option (above) will drop in restricted numbers on July 5. As this specific colourway was launched in 1999 adidas will release 1999 pairs of the reissue.


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