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A closer look at all of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Signature Nike Mercurial CR7 football Boots

Here at Bootsfinder we love signature boots. Since his first ever signature Nike Mercurial Superfly football boots in 2010, Cristiano Ronaldo or CR7 has had a run unlike any other footballer - ever. 31 different looks created specifically for the Portuguese football legend, stating his journey, revering his many achievements, and commemorating his position as the greatest Nike player in football to date.

Here's an insight into each model in chronological order – which pair(s) do you have?

Every CR7 football boot in his signature collection
Cristiano Ronaldo's collection of signature football boots

The boots:

1. October 2010 - Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II CR ‘Safari’ FG – | A ground-breaking event as Nike launched the first ever signature edition Superfly for Cristiano Ronaldo. The distinctive safari pattern (introduced on the 1987 Air Safari designed by Tinker Hatfield) was integrated into the flywire upper to demonstrate CR7’s pace and elegance. It was first seen in a match in the Real Madrid derby clash on November 2010. Production run and very rare. Launch price: £300.


2. April 2011 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III CR ‘Safari Black’ CR7’s second signature pair presented a black-on-black 3D lamination safari texture contrasted with Nike’s luminous yellow/ green “volt” tick and details. Cristiano Ronaldo showed this model in the Copa del Rey 'El Clásico' final in April 2011 against Barcelona, facing his adversary Messi and going on to score the only goal in the match to help Madrid win their 18th trophy. Production run and extremely rare. Launch Price: £280

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3. November 2011 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly CR7 III Nike pushed boundaries for a unique design with an extravagant pattern only suitable for Cristiano Ronaldo's unique style, persona and flair. It didn't seem possible that Nike could eclipse the Safari, but Nike did it once again! Production run and very rare. Launch Price: £280

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4. November 2012 Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII CR – The 4th signature boot saw CR7 wearing Nike Mercurial Vapors again, putting his message of Love (to win)/Hate (to lose) front and centre, with a speed inspired look. They made their début when Real Madrid clashed with Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. Production run and becoming very hard to find. Launch Price: £160


5. January 2013 Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR SE This highly exclusive, ultra-limited release saw just 100 pairs of this boot released. The Nike writing on the heel had been replaced by the iconic initials CR7 and, among the other design details on the boot, a line of numbers quickly catches the eye. Each number represents a milestone in Cristiano’s 2011/2012 season. Only 100 pairs in the world so mostly with collectors already. Launch Price: £200

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6. March 2013 Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR taking inspiration from cycling's 'Rainbow Jersey' these boots encapsulated the distinctive style expected from Ronaldo's flash footwear. CR7’s Love/Hate logo from the previous 2012 signature boot, as well as the iconic no.7, both sit within the yellow blue stripes which wrap around the entire boot. Production run with limited amounts available internationally. Launch Price: £160

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7. October 2013 Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR 'Galaxy' Nike’s bold ‘Supernova’ all-over graphic is inspired by Ronaldo’s ‘out of this world’ play-style and limitless attitude towards football. This version of the Mercurial Vapor IX boot features an all-over print of the Star Vela Supernova and includes a seven star path print, paying homage to Cristiano’s shirt number. The supernova print is juxtaposed with a chrome swoosh dotted with silver fleck and a Blue Glow outline. Production run with very limited availability internationally. Launch Price: £170

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8. April 2014 Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR – limited to 100 pairs, this special boot commemorates Cristiano Ronaldo's remarkable season consisting of more than one goal a game; being the quickest player in his Real Madrid history to reach 200 goals whilst being officially recognized as the best player in the world by winning the Ballon D’Or. Only 100 pairs in the world so mostly with collectors already. Launch Price: £200


9. October 2014 Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR7 The first proper signature CR7 model to launch on the new Mercurial Superfly. Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in these boots on his 178th league game, recording the fastest in league history to score 200 goals. Inspired by the man himself, Nike wanted to create a shimmering effect on-pitch and do something that would really stand out in the sun or under lights. Production run with very limited availability internationally. Launch Price: £250


10. Jan 2015 Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR7 SE 'Rare Gold' – Limited to just 333 pairs, the Superfly CR7 Rare Golds were created to honor him winning his third Balon d’Or. The retail version of the Rare Gold Superfly’s lack the micro-diamonds of Cristiano Ronaldo’s made-to-measure versions (along with the lower-slung dynamic fit collar) but are still something to behold. Only 333 pairs in the world so mostly with collectors already. Launch Price: £250


11. April 2015 Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR7 ‘Silverware’ – What type of boot could Nike create when their lead player scores five goals in one game, his 300th goal for Real Madrid and becomes the first player in the history of football to score 50 or more goals in five different seasons? Enter the Silverware Superfly IV, made in Montebelluna, Italy, of course! Production run and rare to find now. Launch Price: £250


12. Oct 2015 Nike Mercurial Superfly IV CR7 ‘324k Gold’ - Cristiano Ronaldo became Real Madrid’s leading scorer with 324 goals surpassing the legend, Raul. CR7 achieved this in just 311 games, all while wearing the Mercurial line. The colorway of the Nike CR7 324K Gold boots take cues from one of Ronaldo's favorite Mercurial Vapor 3 designs. Limited run and with very few available internationally. Launch Price: £250