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Bootsfinder introduces Sneakersfinder - a new way to buy authentic classic trainers!

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The pandemic presented a new opportunity for Bootsfinder to continue to fill it's stock room with more model's than ever.

Demand keeps rising and our range of boots are becoming harder to find which means that prices are also rising. We pick up elite level football boots for 2 types of customers - the player and the collector. We focus all of our energy on making sure that our quality is of the highest level and authenticity is guaranteed.

Our business model matches that of a slightly different nature too - trainers.

Buying and reselling sneakers has been a viable business proposition for decades. The demand side emerged as far back as the 1980s, when Nike dropped the Air Jordan 1, a culture-shifting trainer that sold faster than the company could manufacture it. The Air Jordan is still so popular that Nike has reissued it countless times without ever really satisfying demand.

As the football boot market is now following the same trend and starting to mature, it has created opportunities for a new generation of speculator. Boot collectors are the first to treat footwear as a bona fide asset class, products as worthy of informed valuation and investment as any other commodity.

Customers are looking to older models for nostalgia, investment or to make a statement and looking to resellers such as Bootsfinder, where old classics, limited editions, rare “deadstock” and more are offered. Unused by retailers or buyers and now brought back to you are previously unsold, discontinued items that were gathering dust on store shelves or under beds. These styles are no longer made and the items often are still in their original packaging with their original accessories.

Many of our customers are collectors as well as players and our website can work as a price guide that moves in real time - our prices are based simply on supply and demand to determine the value of any particular product.

As our market has clear compatibility with the trainers market, it seemed a natural progression for Bootsfinder to establish itself within the sneakers market based on the same principals that we stand by - high quality, 100% authentic, brand new products that are no longer available from retail.

An opportunity has clearly presented itself and we wish to share our findings with you - the informed, quality conscious lover of footwear; both on the pitch and off.

Demand is surging for the classics, in part due to the rising popularity of social media, which is also supplementing a booming trade in limited edition fashion (something for the future) as well as limited-edition boots / trainer models.

What does Sneakersfinder bring to the market? The same as Bootsfinder - a high end, quality orientated, trust worthy source of limited supply products which are hand picked for customers looking for something special - be that from the past or for the future.

Check out the new website now -

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