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New Website for Bootsfinder aims to please 'aspiring football bootheads'

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

As one of the UK’s leading Resellers of Classic Football Boots, Bootsfinder has launched a new website to bring a creative and quality orientated experience to collectors of rare football boots.

As a high-end football boot brand that targets the informed collector / player we want to become the number one destination for rate and sold-out football boots globally.

Our customers are product savvy, football-obsessed and highly knowledgeable individuals who embrace nostalgia and subscribe to the highest grade of product.

We looked at ways at which we could elevate the brand and inspire our customers. Commercially, we curate and resell football boots with world-class customer service. Visually, we looked at doing the same: turning towards fashion and bold art frames as a way to reshape and elevate football boots.

The football boot world has experienced a series of fast evolutions over the years with manufacturers in the sports industry offering boot lovers with vast variations and collectable silos. Like any other industry involved in retail and fashion, finding past models can be time-consuming or even impossible to find unless you venture to sites that are prone to offering lower quality or non-authenticated products. Bootsfinder is, however, building a collection of some of the most presently (and future) collectible boots by bridging the gap between international sellers and buyers, with a major focus on providing high quality and fully authenticated collectible football boots worldwide.

The recent launch of our new website allows buyers to search for their favourite boots based on different filter categories as well as providing each model’s history as a further reiteration of Bootsfinder’s commitment to offering the best possible experience to collectors.

The website features a fresh look using creative images of classic football boots, video unboxings, vivid colours and hard hitting typographics in order to ensure that collectors get an authentic and interactive quality shopping experience.

We looked at boot details, graphics and boot textures as a way of blending the concept of an exclusive football boot, which is bought and sold much like a commodity, with luxury art. The new look has been rolled out across our new website and will also feature across social media and beyond.