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The Timeless Appeal of Nike Tiempo Legend II: A 2007 Classic

Released date - 2007

Nike Tiempo Legend II football boots
Nike Tiempo Legend II football boots


In the world of football boots, few have stood the test of time quite like the Nike Tiempo range. Released in 2007, the Nike Tiempo Legend II quickly became the choice of champions and amateurs alike, offering a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation that was ahead of its time.

The Tiempo Legend II was a successor to the original Tiempo line, which had already established itself as a reliable series for players who valued touch, comfort, and control. With the Legend II, Nike took these core principles and elevated them to new heights.

Design and Materials: A Blend of Old and New

At first glance, the Tiempo Legend II exudes a classic vibe with its predominantly leather upper. The use of high-quality kangaroo leather gave the boot an unrivalled feel for the ball, allowing for precise dribbling, passing, and shooting. The leather was supple yet durable, moulding to the foot for a custom fit that improved with every game.

However, tradition wasn't the only factor. Modern design components were used by Nike. A high-performance midsole with a redesigned Zoom Air heel unit and a moulded sock lining offered responsive cushioning and strengthened protection during landings. The product was a boot that honoured the history while looking to the future.

Performance on the Pitch: Comfort Meets Control

Players who laced up the Tiempo Legend II often spoke of its exceptional comfort. The padded ankle collar and cushioned insole provided support during high-impact play, reducing fatigue and allowing athletes to focus on their performance.

By combining conventional conical and bladed studs, the player was able to take use of a 360-degree grip for the best possible traction and pressure distribution.

Control was another hallmark of this boot. The natural leather offered a smooth surface that enhanced ball grip in all conditions. Whether executing a delicate touch pass or driving home a powerful shot, players could trust in the Tiempo Legend II to deliver. The reduced size fold over tongue was designed to give a smoother ball-striking surface and protected the laces.

The model was 15 grams lighter than the Nike Air Legend, and weighed in at 315 grams - heavy by today’s standards but this was not deemed a speed boot.

A testament of comfort was made by Ruud van Nistelrooy who stated:

"The Nike Air Legend just seem to fit my feet perfectly. The leather just shapes around my foot and becomes so natural you forget you are wearing them. To me this is very important, comfort can be everything when the margins are so little."

Nike Tiempo Legend II Gold White Football Boots