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Nike Mercurial Vapor I (2002) - the real beginning.

Released date - 2002

The original 1998 Nike Mercurial given to R9 was inspired by an Italian motorcycle and included colours specific to the superstar player to whom they were issued. The newer Nike Mercurial Vapor improved on this by shifting to ideate from supercars.

The initial concept was to create a running track spike (from athletics) for the football field, with the new Mercurial Vapor having to sustain a 90-minute sprinting duration - delivering the perfect foot-to-ground feel for players who liked speed.

Nike examined each component of the Mercurial Vapor during development. To remove excess weight, everything from glue to stitching thread was weighed.

Maintaining speed for the duration of the match, on the other hand, necessitated comfort. A new anatomical last designed around the natural shape of the foot brought the player closer to the boot's plate for less pressure. The innovative fit reduced weight, increased comfort, and increased speed, a testament to the Mercurial's DNA.