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Remember the infamous Nike Air Zoom T90 ll and it’s unbelievable advert?

Released date - 2002

Remember one of the most famous Nike T90 soccer boots of all time? The Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II, the next evolution of the Nike Air Zoom Total 90, was released in 2002 for legends such as Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos, and Francesco Totti in the 2002 World Cup. A young Wayne Rooney wore the boots as well and went on to become the most vocal supporter of the t90 range.

The upper of the Nike Air Zoom T90 II was crafted from a soft, light KNG-100 G synthetic material for power and accuracy while providing ultimate comfort over the course of 90 minutes. The KNG-100 G was designed to provide the same level of comfort as Kangaroo leather while remaining lightweight and water resistant.

The boots' sole plate is the same as that seen on the Tiempo and Mercurial editions released at the same time, with region-specific stud placement for the best traction. The Nike Air Zoom T90 II was available with either soft (6 stud) or firm (bladed) sole plates. The cleats' signature feature was the Zoom Air cushioning for added comfort, which was Nike's best cushioning system at the time.

The side lacing returned, this time with a colourful gradient strip down the side; the main colorway was black/white, with a beautiful white/crimson version for the more daring devils. Nike's First Touch coating was used to improve ball control and touch, and the lacing was thinner on this one.

The Nike Air Zoom T90 II weighed in at 270g, which was still a lighter weight for models back in 2002.

The Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II was released in Black/White/Red, with the World Cup edition coming in white, red, and black. The Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II soccer shoe was released in a total of eight different colorways.

This was the set that everyone had. The Nike Air Zoom Total 90 II had possibly the most iconic marketing campaign in sport history - the Cantona-fronted Secret Tournament, directed by Terry Gilliam of Monty Python - and the boots were just as good.

Here’s the video in case you can’t remember:

Did you have a pair or do you prefer the remakes that Nike have made since (think Nike Phantom Venom DNA pack)?

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