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Nike football Box in a museum

Iconic, collectible, individual and usable classic football boots specialist.​

Created for the player who wants to stand out, missed out the first time round, is growing a collection or just has a 'go to' boot for life. Bootsfinder was born out of a shared passion, a love of classic football boots and a desire to bring them back to market.



Bootsfinder* is the brainchild of a small collective of players and boot enthusiasts who saw a need for an online marketplace for classic football boots no longer available from your High Street Retailers. If you're lucky enough to be playing football everyday, your boots don't tend to last and a new season can require a different sole plate meaning continuous buying throughout the season.

The Bootsfinder* collaboration began to collect, buy and sell boots from contacts, colleagues, sponsors and anyone else who wanted to trade or swap. ​ All players are different when it comes to their boots, some prefer comfort, some technology and others like colours that make your feet look faster (yes that's a thing)! There are countless sole plates options - variants that standard retailers just can't cover and that's where Bootsfinder* comes in.


As well as elite level models across popular brands from the past, Limited Edition football boots are fast becoming just as sought after. Our aim is to provide a trust worthy buying option for our customer. When you come to Bootsfinder*, you can be fully confident that what you are buying is a genuine, top of the range piece of football heritage!


All of our boots are hand selected and priced according to global availability. They are individually inspected and checked for authenticity and quality so that our buyers can be assured that they're buying the best. With many boots from different brands available, our knowledge is key to giving our customers the information they require to make an informed decision. Whether you are looking for a nostalgic pair of boots or a collectable investment, we try to be versed in every aspect.


We're a UK Company currently based in Yorkshire. We buy and sell internationally to footballers and collectors of all levels and have a huge client list of professionals that just love retro boots. Our plan is to keep growing and offer the largest variety of classic and rare/deadstock football boots that are no longer available to purchase in retail stores globally.