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Unleashing Heritage: The Nike EC08 Boot Collection

In the electrifying build-up to Euro 2008, Nike unveiled a trio of football boots that transcended convention. The Nike EC08 Football Boots Pack wasn’t just about performance; it was a celebration of heritage, innovation, and the beautiful game. Let’s lace up and explore this iconic collection.


Designed in line with the Austria/Switzerland Euro 08 tournament, Nike's leather pack took the competition by storm!

Full Range of the Nike EC08 Pack
Full Range of the Nike EC08 Pack

Nike Mercurial Vapor IV EC08 Limited Edition

In the lead-up to Euro 2008, Nike introduced the Mercurial Vapor IV EC08, a limited edition gem that broke tradition and celebrated football heritage. Here’s what you need to know:


  1. Supple K-Leather Upper

  • The EC08 Vapor retained the lightweight and speed elements of the Vapor series but featured a smooth, supple K-leather upper instead of synthetic material.

  • This change enhanced control, feel, and comfort, making it the most comfortable Vapor boot to date.

  1. Notable Players

  • Sponsored Vapor players like Frank Ribery, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Andrei Arshavin wore these limited-edition boots during Euro 2008.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo had his own unique pair of Vapor IVs.

  1. Commemorative Design

  • Each Mercurial Vapor IV EC08 came in a special box adorned with EC08 insignia, symbolizing the bond between Austria and Switzerland, the Euro 2008 host nations.

Nike Mercurial Vapor IV EC08 football boots
Nike Mercurial Vapor IV EC08 football boots

The Nike Mercurial Vapor IV EC08 football boots were one part of Nike's Premier Leather soccer shoe collection released to take Euro 2008 by storm. Nike's leather Vapor IV sat alongside the Legend II EC08 and Laser II EC08 as part of Nike's campaign to united its players. The success of this three-silo unification was the inspiration behind Nike's next international tournament collection - the 2010 World Cup Elite football boots.

Nike Tiempo Legend II and Nike Total 90 II

  1. Nike Tiempo Legend II (2005)

  • Classic black leather upper with flashes of color.

  • Side lacing and tongue covering the laces.

  • Known for comfort and precision.

  1. Nike Total 90 Laser II

  • Iconic “Secret Tournament” marketing campaign featuring Eric Cantona.

  • Side lacing with a colorful gradient strip.

  • Designed for comfort throughout the entire match.