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Stealth Pack I – Nike’s first coordinated Black edition pack.

Released date - March 2014

Nike Stealth Pack Football Boots
Stealth Pack

Straying away from some of the more eye-catching, vivid colourways we’ve seen previously, Nike Football released a standout pack of new black-based styles. With a more minimalist style, players were able to bring a business like edge to the pitch when competing at any level.

Black was the new black and Nike gave all four of its boot silo's a serious tone. The Hypervenom I, Tiempo Legend IV, Mercurial Vapor IX and CTR360 Maestri III were all decked in Nero and gained a lot of notice. No thrills, no tricks or patterns - just good old fashioned black boots...OK with flash of colour to make things pop!

Stealth Pack football boots
Stealth Pack

Whats the hype?

These boots were a massive hit whilst going against the gain of other brands who were expanding into a see experimentation. A no brainer for players who wanted a no nonsense look as the black was guaranteed to compliment any kit.

Speaking about Nike’s latest release, Phil McCartney, VP of Footwear for Nike Football had this to say:

“We know that our players love to stand out on and off the field. That doesn t always mean bright colors, sometimes reverting to a classic look is just as powerful a statement.”

Interestingly Nike didn’t give any of these to their sponsored players but they went straight to retail instead. Each model had it’s own highlight colour so take a look at the breakdown below:

Nike Stealth Pack Hypervenom Phantom

The Stealth Pack Hypervenom in black was the third colour variant for Nike's legendary boot and was the perfect antithesis to the previous launch colours of Citrus Orange or Flash Lime. The Hypervenom Phantom I was already becoming a fans favourite, especially with its headline player, Neymar, making waves throughout the world.

The minimalist black upper made the HyperVenom's snakeskin texture ripple nicely with deadly accents of crimson completing the look. A predatorial look for a killer boot…what more could you want?

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Nike Stealth Pack Mercurial Vapor IX

The Mercurial Vapor IX was engineered for speed and provided a new Control upper with a golf ball like texture to enhance surface touch area and that provide a level of support for it’s predominantly attacking players.

Normally the flashiest of boots to fit it’s mercurial name, the model has decked in vibrant colours such as trademark Nike Volt and Sunset Copper. However, with the new stealth theme, a new monotone colourway became one of the coolest designs to be dropped on the Mercurial Vapor IX's.

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Nike Stealth Pack CTR360 III

The CTR360 Maestri III had it’s 9th colour dressing and was the first ever version to feature the infamous All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. Nike All Conditions Control (ACC) technology only features on the elite version of Nike boots and allows the boot's surface to maintain the same level of friction, touch and control on the ball in wet and dry conditions.

The boots were adorned by Nike’s midfield hero Andres Iniesta and gave the model a timeless look complimented with bright citrus sole plate accents.

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Nike Stealth Pack Tiempo Legend IV

The final model was the Nike Tiempo Legend IV with it’s sumptuous black K-leather leather upper. One of the most successful models in Nike’s history at the time and a favourite shape no matter what your position. Comfort, width and effectiveness, the long-serving Legend IV was given a clean look before being upgraded to the long awaited V.

Check the photos to see the luxurious stitch detailing on a premium leather with a laser orange swoosh and soleplate accent…if you had a pair then you’d be missing them now.

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Nike Stealth Pack football boots

Black edition football boot packs took on a new meaning after this launch for those who prefer less is more. In a sea of colours and players seeking individuality, black was the natural choice for the understated, supremely confident, no nonsense characters out there at the time.

Bootsfinder Comments:

This pack went against the grain at the time, back to the past but with a twist. Always popular for those seeking a more minimalist look in whatever model you wore. Some of these boots are still around in various guises but the Hypervenom will be the hardest to locate now.


Pick up the Hypervenom and Vapor where you can – the prices are constantly rising and their usability means that brand new versions will become less and less. Look out for glue issues if looking to use as these were more prevalent in the Hypervenom model.